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Not that long ago, I was just like you. I was having some level of success on my team but I was not a star. I managed to make the team but I was not a star player. I was not the go-to guy. Heck, I wasn’t even a starter. But, I was pretty good.

After my first year, I was facing the difficult question of how to become more successful. I wanted to become the go-to guy, but had no idea how to become that. If I was to become the star I had always wanted to be, I needed to figure it out.

I needed to become far more serious about becoming the star player, or I could simply be satisfied with being a role player on the team.

I chose to go the easy route, and slacked off. I never reached my potential on the court.

All these years later and I still wonder how far I could have gone if I had worked harder. What if I had tried everything I could to make progress? What if I knew then what I know now…

Fortunately for you and I, my time in college did not go to a complete waste. I became certified as a professional physical fitness coach, and managed to coach the local kids basketball team in my spare time when I wasn’t training professionally. I had been the coach of our basketball team for 7 years, and a basketball coach for kids 5 years before that.

I have learned a lot about how to train people to become better athletes. I see the success in my players. Some of them have gone all the way.

My name is Chris Taylor, and I can help you too!


If I only knew how simple it was…

how to jump higher basketball dunk

bullet_ball_glass_blueWhat if I had worked harder in training?

bullet_ball_glass_blueWhat if I had been more serious about my

bullet_ball_glass_blueWhat if I had dedicated myself to being the
best athlete I could have been?

bullet_ball_glass_blueWhat if I constantly strived to be the best
basketball player possible?


Having these questions years later is a terrible feeling

how to jump higher jumping guy

bullet_ball_glass_blueCould I have worked harder to impress my coaches?

bullet_ball_glass_blueCould I have been the team`s leading scorer?

bullet_ball_glass_blueCould I have become the league`s leading scorer?

bullet_ball_glass_blueCould I have been the star player to lead our team to
the State Championship?

bullet_ball_glass_blueCould I have made it to the Pros? (some of my
students and players have)

bullet_ball_glass_blueHow far could I have gone if I knew the secrets back then, that I know now?
I still wonder how far I could have gone myself.

I will never know the answers to these questions. These questions still pain me from time to time.

You have the opportunity right now. You can learn from my mistakes. The time is right now for you to dedicate yourself to becoming the best player you can, and reach your ultimate goals.

You have the opportunity that I missed. Take advantage of your opportunity.

I do not want you to have the same regrets that I do.


I can help you become a better player, and allow you to reach your ultimate athletic dreams

how to jump higher jumping with the basketball

It does still bother me that I wasted my opportunity. Maybe I could have been the one that had meetings with pro teams before draft day. But, instead of beating myself up over it, I made the best of it.

I finally did figure out that dedicating myself to my career is a key to success. I have poured over hundreds of athletic journals researching player development. My own experience in Physical Education has proven extremely valuable. I have fine tuned my own ability to get the maximum out of each of my players.

When it comes to basketball not surprisingly, having the highest vertical jump possible is a great benefit. Being able to jump higher than your opponent allows you to beat them to the rebound. You can deny them the shot with blocks they have never seen before. You can out vertical the other team to get off your jump shot and sink the winning shot.

And, nothing gets the crowd going and catches the eyes of recruiters like slamming a dunk. Imagine the roar of the crowd after that.


I have developed the easiest and most successful training program available to give you the best vertical jump you could possibly have

How to jump higher ebook coverMy education, years of pouring over academic journals, and experience with thousands of students and players have allowed me to refine my ability to train to perfection.

At first over the years I coached to pass the time, then as a professional fitness coach, I have managed to figure out how to improve my players jumping skills to the highest levels imaginable. And believe me, if my students can learn and improve with my techniques, you certainly can. Everyone knows that High School athletic students are not always the brightest ones around. If they can learn this stuff, anyone can.

My training program is laid out in simple and easy to follow steps. You are guided through everything. It really could not be any easier.


A few mistakes that will kill your vertical

I have learned over the years that there are a few mistakes that athletes keep making when it comes to trying to improve their jumping abilities. These mistakes will definitely stop you from reaching your true potential.

One common mistake is focusing on the wrong muscles to develop, or not developing all of the ones involved in jumping. Too many athletes concentrate on developing only the large muscles. Sure, you may look good on the beach, but you will jump like a chump.

You need to develop all of the muscles involved in jumping and keep them in balance. Imagine a sports car for a minute. You could have the greatest engine in the world in it, but if you have the same tires your mom uses, that car will never be able to use that engine to its true potential.

If you target all muscles involved in jumping, you will be able to get the extra power needed to add inches to your vertical.

Another common mistake that athletes do is exercising their muscles in the wrong way. Basically, there are two options to building up your muscles when it comes to movement. You can build them up for endurance or you can concentrate on explosiveness.
How to jump higher in basketball

Endurance is nice if you are a marathon runner, but it’s not what you need to concentrate on to maximize your vertical. You need to train your muscles in a way that will add explosiveness. You need to be able to get your legs to propel you upwards like a rocket.

You are not interested in being able to jump up and down for 60 minutes straight. That would be of no use to you. Instead you need to have the ability to explode off the ground on demand. With the proper training that I can show you, you will be able to take off like a rocket whenever you need to and as often as you need to.

Another way to look at this is to compare the long distance runner and the sprinter. Would the long distance runner train by running as fast as he can for 10 seconds? Would the sprinter train by running for as far as he can for as long as he can? Of course they wouldn’t. You need to train like a jumper.

The last common mistake that athletes make who are looking to improve their jump is to only concentrate on one kind of training. When it comes to jump training, there are three main exercise types that are commonly used. They are weight training, explosiveness training, and jumping exercises. Each of these is important for you to some degree.

Unfortunately, too many athletes concentrate on only one of these training styles. Really, you need to have the correct blend of each to maximize your jumping potential. You need the perfect match of exercises from each one of the three areas to take your vertical to the next level.

OK, so now that you know what the most common problems are, what can you do about them?

The program that I have created will correct all of the common errors that you have seen here.


There is no easier way to perfect your vertical in only weeks

How to jump higher like a pro basketball playerAfter all of my education, research, and experience with young athletes I have managed to create the perfect system to propel athletes to new heights. I have learned the precise exercises to use. I have developed a system so easy that even my high school players can understand it. And, I have watched their fantastic progress.

bullet_ball_glass_blueAchieve higher vertical jumps faster than with
traditional training.

bullet_ball_glass_blueDramatically add power and speed to your
vertical jump.

bullet_ball_glass_blueSecret training methods drastically increases
athletic command and your sporting edge.

After the success of my program with my players over the last couple of years, I have had many requests to train friends of my players, and even several college players. Demand for my time got to be too much for me. So, I created the Jump Tips program to be able to help as many athletes realize their dreams as possible.


Jump Tips will improve your vertical no matter what, I guarantee it!

Improve your vertical jump skills and jump higher todayWhat will it be like when your team mates or friends realize that you can actually finish an alley-oop with authority, slamming it down like it’s no big deal? You can bet they will be shocked.

How about when you can finally become the go-to player that you have always wanted to be? Imagine the feeling when you are “that guy”.

Are you looking forward to being the star player that has recruiters knocking each other over to get to meet with you? Will that be nice once it happens?

Don’t miss out on that opportunity.

Jump Tips is the only program you will need

Jump Tips is not just any old set of exercises. It is a full step by step system that anyone can understand. The guide book carefully lays out the perfect blueprint to take your vertical to amazing new heights.

bullet_ball_glass_blueThe proper approach to increase your vertical

Like the common errors I listed above, most training programs will not properly mix in all three training types. Jump Tips has the perfect mix of strength training, explosiveness training, and jumping exercises.

I have taken the best exercises from each type and created the easiest step by step plan possible.

bullet_ball_glass_blueThe proper methods of targeting all muscles used
need in vertical jumping

Training all muscles used in jumping is essential to achieve the maximum heights possible. My easy system will exercise them all and balance them out until you are jumping like you never have before.

You can reduce injury as well when you have the optimal muscle balance in your body.

bullet_ball_glass_blueThe proper training that leads to the explosiveness you

I will train you in the way that gives you the explosive take off you need to rocket to new heights. You will have the ability to explode off the ground whenever you need to, and as often as you need to.

I will not waste your time training you for endurance when what you really need is explosiveness.

bullet_ball_glass_blueAn easy to follow step by step plan

You will not have to think of anything. I have already done all of the work for you. Everything is laid out for you with easy to follow step by step instructions. Remember, if my high school players can follow it, you can.

Order Jump Tips and learn how to jump higher today

Who Jump Tips Will Help

Is it right for teenagers?

Yes, I have trained thousands of teenagers as a Gym Teacher and Basketball Coach. I can assure you that my training program is just the thing that can take a teenage athlete to the next level. This is the perfect age to begin serious training. Really, players at this age are already training hard and it would be best to teach them to train the right way. Training properly as soon as possible can prevent injuries and lead to a longer, healthier, more successful career.

I am in my 20`s, 30`s, or even 40`s. Will Jump Tips help me?

Certainly! So long as your joints are in good shape, then everything is just fine. One of my Assistant Coaches was in his early 40`s when I helped him. He added over 8 inches to his vertical in a little under 2 months. If you are interested in adding to your vertical, your age is not the limit.

I already have a great vertical, can you improve on mine?

Absolutely! Even if you are one of those rare gifted people, chances are there still are improvements to be made. Imagine being able to add even more inches with my training. Adding the perfect training to your natural gifts will make you unstoppable.

I do not have a weight room, can I still use your program

Yes, you sure can. While weights can be a great benefit, they are not the only way to add resistance training to your workouts. There are ways you can improvise, and Jump Tips will help you take care of that. Really, a weight room would only be a convenience; it is not a complete necessity.

I have tried other jump training programs. Will yours still be able to help?

Yes. Unless you have an outstanding vertical jump that is at least in the high 40`s, you have not reached your true potential. Unless you have been doing the correct exercises that I will show you, you still have room for improvement. Even if you have hundreds of hours on other programs, you will still improve with my system.

Is this some difficult system with complicated exercises?

Not at all! I have spent years of my life working with this very thing. I have years of experience in teaching and training High School level students and athletes. I have refined my training methods over the years to create a very straight forward step by step system that anyone can follow. Seriously, if my students and players can learn this, you can.

How long until I will see results?

The sooner you start the sooner you will see results. Most of the people that I have trained have seen some level of measurable results in less than a week. It varies from person to person. But really, the best way to look at it is that the sooner you start, the sooner you will see the results.

What if I do not see the results that I want?

If for some strange reason you do not see the results that you want, you can get 100% of your money back. Yes, you read that right. If you are not satisfied I will return all of your money. Really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is a no-brainer.

Get Access To The Best Training Program Anywhere

OK, so just what exactly is in Jump Tips that makes it so special. Well, basically you get the absolute best package available anywhere. Everything in Jump Tips has been carefully designed by me personally. My years of education, research, and experience training real athletes have refined Jump Tips into the perfect package to explode your vertical to new heights.
The exclusive training instructions give you the perfect steps that you need to take your vertical to the next level. Each exercise in the program is demonstrated clearly by a trained professional. Jump Tips will show you the correct method, leaving no doubt that you are getting the best training possible. This is better than a personal trainer. You can go through the instructions as many times as you need. Try getting a personal trainer to show you the same exercise 7 times.

The exclusive Jump Tips Guide is filled with well detailed techniques and easy to follow instructions. Others have improved their vertical greatly by following the Jump Tips Guide, now it’s your turn to take your vertical skills to the next level.

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Are you pumped up and ready to perfect your shot?Perfect Shot Secrets will teach you how to become a better shooter in all game situations. This guide will help both left-handed and right-handed players.

Learn to focus correctly before attempting to shoot and get the advantage over your opponents, before they attempt to take the ball from you. Shooting while jumping made easy, learn how to shoot while jumping.Discover methods and techniques to have the upper hand when shooting the ball, every trick, technique and aspect of shooting is covered in detail.
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Mental secrets to jump higher in basketball

Mental Secrets Winning Made Easy addresses an often ignored area not addressed in coaching books, videos, and seminars the mental part of a players game. The thoughts, ideas, and strategies on mental toughness presented in this book are things that up-and-coming players, as well as experienced players need to know to raise their games to the highest of levels.

Competition between two athletes who are equally talented, gifted, and skilled comes down to the mental part of the game. It may make the difference between a player being simply good and being great. This guide is a must-read for all basketball players who strive to be the best and achieve great things.
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How To Jump Higher in Basketball By Becoming an Ace Athlete

How To Be An Ace Athlete will help bring out the superior athletic skills kept hidden within you, so you can start using them until you become your own idol player.It will help you understand what the mind, body, and life of ace athletes are like, including never before shared secrets of honing various sports skills.

As an athlete, you have many needs you may not even be aware of. And knowing them is the first step to seeing your future in the sports business. This report will not only let you see what and where you’re lacking, but will provide your needs to become an ace athlete as well.
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Secrets To Sport Nutrition So You Can Jump Higher

Discover the secrets to sports nutrition and exactly how these methods can help you, no matter how much time you have had to prepare!

Discover the most powerful diets to aid in becoming a pro basketball player without diminishing performance and learn about which foods are the best sources of the most important nutrients for high performance basketball players. Find out why bananas are such a powerful food, and the benefits of having solid nutrition rather than relying on supplements.

The truth about training supplements discover what works, what to avoid at all costs and why.
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Basketball Primer learn how to jump higher in basketball

Imagine being able to shoot, score and win the basketball game in your local neighborhood! Imagine being able to ace your school’s basketball tryouts and become their most knowledgeable and dependable player!

Imagine learning what you need to know now to begin a career in professional basketball! Imagine learning everything you could ever want about basketball basics in one, simple guide?

What if I were to tell you that you will learn everything you need to know about basketball in one small guide? That you could read this easy to read guide and then be prepared to coach a team, instruct a child or even be more informed about the game so that you can better enjoy watching it on television? It sounds crazy, but it is really true. There is such a guide and you can pick up a copy of it today.
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Life Time Membership To Jump Tips How To Jump Higher Website

Jump Tips is by far the most effective and proven method to improve your vertical jump skills permanently. However, I believe in constant improvement. I will always continue to research, test and refine what I have learned to make this program even better.

Order now and you are guaranteed to get all future bonus reports for FREE for life! That is one of the awesome benefits of e-books. If a new edition of a hard copy book is released, you have to go to the bookstore and buy it all over again! Not so with e-books.

When a new, updated edition of Jump Tips (TM), is released, you get it for FREE! It’s easy – I will simply contact you through my private clients-only email list and send you instant download instructions so you can stay totally up to date.
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This help is practically priceless. The one-on-one support means someone is always there for you… you’re never left to deal with your questions alone. This acts as a “custom-made” program to ensure you are always on track, you are always encouraged, and… you’ll get ONE-ON-ONE feedback and support from me. With the exclusive one-on-one skype/email coaching, you’ll never be left alone with your questions.

I’m sure you realize that I can’t offer this free bonus for long. I only have that many hours everyday. You must act fast if you want to get the free private coaching. It will not be long before I completely remove it from the package.

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If you want the easiest, most effective jump program available, you need to get Jump Tips. No other program offers what I have created here.


This special introductory price will not last long. The only reason it’s at this low price as it is, is because I wanted to make sure that I could help as many people as possible. But, I can not keep it at this ridiculously low price for ever. Make sure to grab it now, as the price could go up tomorrow.


Jump Tips will be able to help you immediately. Everything becomes available instantly after purchase. There is nothing to mail, you do not have to go and pick up anything. You can download the guide and increase your jump right away!


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Learn to jump higher with the jump tips vertical training programBy now, you have a good idea what “Jump Tips ” is all about. Jump Tips is your solution to achieving your goal to be able to jump higher and to become a winning athlete.

Imagine, gaining the extra edge you need to win that big game or any important sporting event you’re playing in. Jump Tips will show you how to train properly and correctly to maximize your potential, to train in a way to efficiently and quickly get your vertical jump higher.
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